Access and Equity for All Students: A Cultural Proficiency Certification Program – Phase 2


Please join us for a 3‐phase, interactive, professional learning experience
Outcomes from the professional learning experiences include:

  • Narrowing and closing access and education gaps
  • Reducing and eliminating disproportional outcomes among student ableness, languages, and
    discipline/behavior and academic placement.
  • Building professional capital (CTAs) within the district to grow and support large‐scale change initiatives
    focused on access and equity for all students.

Facilitated by: Cindy De Clercq, Mercedes Hubschmitt, Delores B. Lindsey & Randall B. Lindsey

Phase 2 – April 21-22 and May 4 or May 5, 2021 3-Day Workshop
Collect site‐based data and analyze how Cultural Proficiency can inform
practice. Use 5 Essential Elements to turn values into action.
Fee: $525.00 – SCPDF Member | $625.00 – Non‐SCPDF Member