Our vision is to provide and support educators with an equity-based professional learning framework that ensures high quality teaching and learning experiences exist for all learners.

The Center for Culturally Proficient Educational Practice (CCPEP) is located in North County San Diego, CA as a collaborative partnership among the Southern California Professional Development Federation, California State University San Marcos, and Co-Founders, Delores and Randall Lindsey.

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The purpose of CCPEP is:

  • To provide opportunities for individuals as well as team members from school districts and related agencies to learn the Tools of Cultural Proficiency and how to apply them to personal practice and to examine schools’ and districts’ policies and practices

  • To prepare and support district Trainers for Culturally Proficient Practices for developing professional capital to sustain growth throughout the district

  • To develop a network of Trainers and a community of practice dedicated to access and equity and access for all students

Upcoming Events

  • Wed

    Cultural Proficiency has brought us together as colleagues, professionals, and friends. The current political, cultural, social, and emotional forces seem overwhelming for our educational environment. To meet today’s post-pandemic challenges, we will gather to en [read more…]

  • Tue
    9:00AM - 12:30PM

    Please join us for a 3‐phase, interactive, professional learning experience
    Outcomes from the professional learning experiences include:

    • Narrowing and closing access and education gaps
    • Reducing and eliminating disproportional outcomes among student ableness, lan [read more…]

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Book Image: Improving Student Achievement Through the Creation of Relationships

Co-Decolonization as Spiritual Activism: A Matter of Life and Breath

Punctuating her talk with shared breathwork guided by research with the Mixteco/ Indígena Community on locally practiced traditional indigenous medicine, Dr. Lorri Santamaría encourages us to breathe for those who can disproportionately “breathe” no longer. [read more...]

Book Image: Improving Student Achievement Through the Creation of Relationships

Improving Student Achievement Through the Creation of Relationships

In 60 pages, author Dome impressively personalizes CRT in ways that make complex social, legal and political concepts real. Real in ways that are inescapable. [read more...]