Convocation 2018

The purpose of the 2018 Convocation was to build an ongoing support network for our CCPEP community.  In the process, we reasserted focus both personally and professionally, shared our challenges, and deepened our understanding of the Cultural Proficiency Framework.

Resources from Convocation 2018


Now that you've had time to reflect on the time you spent with friends and colleagues at the Convocation, what might be some of your insights, new learning, affirmations, and questions? 

Given these developments in your thinking, to what actions (or 3 Bold Steps) are you willing to commit?

Share your thoughts below...

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity to spend time reflecting and learning with other thought leaders in the continuous work of equity. It was so refreshing to be a learning for a while and just soak in all the knowledge and love in the room. I loved the humor, candor and authentic sharing that occurred and feel honored to have been a part of such a magical group. Much love and gratitude!

    1. Nancy,
      So glad to have you join us for Convocation, 2018. You shared your story and your learning experiences in ways that participants could hear and find themselves. We appreciate your call to advocacy and engagement. Thanks for your reflections and your comments.

  2. What an honor and privilege to attend the Convocation! Perhaps even more invigorating, and encouraging, to connect with colleagues, and friends, on this journey. I am still processing and contemplating all the wisdom I heard, saw and experienced. Such amazing people, such meaningful work. Here is how I will “boldly go” …………….
    1. Write about cultural proficiency in action and continue to record the challenges and successes. Tell our tale boldly and with joy.
    2. Learn to master the science and art of breakthrough conversing and questioning, not only with others (dialogue) but with myself (reflection).
    3. Be patient but purposeful in your learning and do not walk away from opportunity.

    The convocation was truly one of the most inspiring events of my life. Can wait until Convocation 2019!

  3. My commitments are:
    1) To keep alive the Framework and Tools through integration in all we do (ie. Leadership meetings, gatherings, publications). I want to see us move along the continuum to cultural proficiency. I know that can only happen as these practices are carried out until it becomes routine for us to have bold conversations.
    2) Open up additional avenues for stakeholder voice (Staff, students and parents). Their stories, their voices need to be heard and acted on.
    3) Maintain the personal discipline to lead the work well.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed the dialogue and energy that was present at the Convocation. People’s honesty and frankness was appreciated. As I move forward, I want to remember to monitor my own words and actions so that they model cultural competence at a minimum and move the needle toward the proficient mark. I want to thank everyone who attended. It was awesome!

  5. As always, anytime that I get together with other passionate and committed people around cultural proficiency, it puts a spotlight on aspects of my own personal life that I need to address and change. This reminds me of a quote that I heard at convocation and I would like to restate: “If what you know hasn’t changed you, change what you know.”

    Some steps I would like to embark on in the coming months are mostly around becoming more authentic and personal in the spreading of cultural proficiency by relating it to my own story and journey. It’s what people can connect to and gives them hope and courage to become vulnerable when someone opens up and let’s their heart be seen.

    The work that needs to be done is life-saving work and that alone drives me forward!

  6. The Convocation served as a reminder of three important developments in my thinking and journey:

    1. Progress as it relates to equity, civil rights, and social justice is relative to our individual life experiences and personal journeys. Dr. Terrence Roberts challenged my thinking and perspective.

    2. Praxis is an important component for personal and institutional change. Engaging praxis is what guides transformative leaders.

    3. You no longer have to travel alone on your Cultural Proficiency journey. On your journey, I encourage you to Include a stop at the next Convocation.

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