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Co-Decolonization as Spiritual Activism: A Matter of Life and Breath | Lorri Santamaria | TEDxOxnard

Punctuating her talk with shared breathwork guided by research with the Mixteco/ Indígena Community on locally practiced traditional indigenous medicine, Dr. Lorri Santamaría encourages us to breathe for those who can disproportionately “breathe” no longer. She goes on to discuss the reality of shared collective trauma in the aftermath of the pandemic and social injustices experienced by Black and Indigenous people of color (BIPOC). Through thought leadership, Dr. Santamaría’s defines the interrelated impacts of colonization and decolonization, offering co-decolonization as an innovative way toward Spiritual Activism and an accessible Universal “call to action.” Dr. Santamaría extends an invitation to all, to engage shared strategies as accessible, meaningful pathways toward healing, redress, and reconciliation for individuals who choose to change and rethink ways in which they breathe in order to meet the current moment. Dr. Lorri J. Santamaría is an equity leader, scholar, author of more than 50 books and publications, and an award-winning international researcher. Dr. Santamaría conducts inquiry around critical aspects of social justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion; Indigeneity, Indigenous healing, and diversity as a resource. Her focus is on international culturally responsive/ sustainable educational leadership, Spiritual activism and anti-racist research practices. Currently, Dr. Santamaría is the Director & Principal Investigator for Healing the Soul –Curando el Alma – Na Sánaeé Inié and Director for Proyecto ACCESO at The Mixteco Indígena Community Organizing Project (MICOP). She has been a Professor of Multilingual and Multicultural Education and Educational Leadership in the Schools of Education at California State University, San Marcos and The University of Auckland in New Zealand. Dr. Santamaría is also an Usui/ Holy Fire® Reiki Master Teacher and a Yogi. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at