Our History

The Center for Culturally Proficient Educational Practice (CCPEP) is born from a long-term vision by Delores & Randall Lindsey for developing professional capital focused on equity and access for all learners.

Delores and Randy found school district leaders and equity-minded partners during discussions with members of the North County Professional Development Federation (NCPDF), a coalition of north county San Diego school districts, colleges, and universities. As NCPDF continued to expand its reach and impact, it grew into the Southern California Professional Development Federation (SCPDF). For more than twenty years SCPDF has pooled financial and professional resources in support of professional learning and leading.

The introduction of Cultural Proficiency as a framework for equity, access, and inclusion topics to the local discussions evolved to the development of CCPEP as an entity within NCPDF.

CCPEP’s Certification program and other professional learning opportunities are designed to address specific topics of culture and diversity within our communities.